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Planeteer social website usage guidlines and general questions.

Planeteer Social is the World's 1st Social Media Search Engine Platform for Locations, Environment and People.

Currently the following features are available on planeteer.social website.

  • User Registration
  • Create Postcards & Earn Diamonds
  • Social Media features such as Like, Follow, Watch, Share, Comment, Chat
  • Search
  • Market Place
  • Travel Bookings
  • Theme based Interactive Games
  • Social Welfare
  • Video Postcards (Launching Soon)

Postcards are the heart of the Planeteer Eco-System. Postcards are very easy to create. Members do not have to learn any new technology or buy any new device to create Postcards.

  1. Visit planeteer.social
  2. Sign in using "email" and "password" registered with us
  3. Click on "Create Postcard" button
  4. Fill the following details
    • Type the name of a Place or Location (We use Google Maps for Location)
    • Upload a Photo
    • Type a Detailed Description (info, experience, review, suggestions)
    • Star Rating (Your own Rating for that Place)
    • Preview & Publish the Postcard
  5. Once you publish the Postcard, it will be visible in your Profile Section and on the Homepage of planeteer.social website in the Recent Postcards section
  6. The Postcard will have the "Under Review" badge & it will be submitted for Validation.

A Postcard is first validated by a Human Validator to check that the Postcard does not contain any content related to nudity, hatred, politics etc. Once the Human Validator validates the Postcard, it is then submitted to the Planeteer Artificial Intelligence System (A.I.). After performing thorough tests on more than 50 parameters Planeteer's Artificial Intelligence System (A.I.) will validate the Postcard. If your Postcard is successfully validated the "Under Review'' badge will be removed and Diamonds will be allotted. This process may take up to 48 working hours. Once a Postcard is validated by the System, it cannot be modified or deleted.

When members create postcards they Mine Diamonds. Diamonds can be utilized at Planeteer Marketplace, Travel Bookings, Games and other services on the planeteer.social website. Premium members can also convert their Diamonds to Planeteer Social's PTS Digital Asset which can be traded on CEX.

The following points will help you achieve more diamonds

  • Use only your own original photos and text.
  • Provide the correct location.
  • Type a landmark such as near, opposite etc.
  • Write an attractive and catchy Title.
  • Use your own photos only. Do not use Blurred, Pixelated Photos. Do not use photos with Watermark.
  • Write a detailed description. Do not copy and paste text from other sources. In the description include the name of the place, location, and landmark, your own real and honest review or emotion. Provide information which will help others when they see your Postcard. A short description is also ok, if you provide the above details.
  • Provide your Own Star Rating to that Place which matches your description. Giving a 5 Star Rating to your Postcard does not mean you will get 5 diamonds. This star rating is only for your experience of that Place.

NO. Copied images are not allowed on the Postcards. You have to use your own images only. Postcards which are created using copied images will be deleted by the system.

NO. You cannot use copied text on your Postcards. You can refer to other sources for information and then type the description, review in your own words.

Members who have created the Postcards will be alone responsible for any Copyright Issues.

Yes you can. Since Planeteer platform is made for Locations, Environment and People you can include your personal photos in Postcards. Just make sure you specify the location where the photo was taken.

Yes you can. Just make sure you specify the location where the photo was taken.

It is very simple. Just type the place or location where the photo was captured.

The description can contain your Feedback, Experience, Review, Emotion, Feeling and Information about the Location, Place, Photo, and Postcard. It is a good practice to write a detailed review for your Postcard. Also include Location and Address in the description whenever possible.

Currently only the English language is supported. Postcards having information written in any language other than English, will be deleted.

Star Rating is your own Personal Rating for that Location, Place. The Star Rating that you specify has to match your description. Giving a 5 Star Rating does not mean you will get 5 diamonds for it.

Yes you can. You can create as many Postcards as you want for the same location. Just make sure that every Postcard has a unique Photo & Description. If there are multiple Postcards for the same location, Planeteer’s AI System automatically creates a new Web Page for that location and includes all the Postcards related to that location on the New Page.

Currently you can use JPEG images which are less than 5 mb. Landscape Images and Photos should be used.

Currently the Planeteer System supports only images. Videos can be included in the future.

Visit planeteer.social. Type the correct username and password to login. You can even Login with google

Visit planeteer.social and click on Register your Free Account. You can contact our Planeteer Support Team for further assistance. support@planeteer.social

Yes. You can use your Android Mobile or Iphone to create Postcards. You can even use Tablets and iPads for creating Postcards.

Yes. You can use your Laptops or Desktop Computers to create Postcards.

  • Reviews, Emotions, Feelings, Expressions, Opinions
  • Locations, Environment, People, Nature, Wildlife
  • Hotels, Shops, Business, Services etc.
  • Religious, Festivals
  • Entertainment: Play Grounds, Water Parks, Theatres etc.
  • Personal Moments, Selfies
  • Own Content only

  • Political Views
  • Abusive / Hatred / Adult / Slang
  • Copied Content

5 Invalid Postcards will lead to Account Suspension. Planeteer Support Team will contact you with further procedures. Planeteer System & other members can "Pin Point" (take objection on your Postcards) if they find wrong information or copied content on your Postcard. If any member tries to violate the terms, mislead the community or spread false news or rumors, his or her account will be permanently terminated without any notice.

You can always get in touch with our Planeteer Support Team.

Email : support@planeteer.social

Telegram : @Planeteer_Official